What Do You Gain From An Overseas Missions Mentorship?

Written by a Cafe 1040 Overseas Staff

We want to give you a deeper look into what the program looks like and what the students are learning. We start out the semester by helping students build a “strong foundation." We start with the sustainable basics of surviving overseas, with overwhelming emphasis on abiding in Jesus Christ.

We show them where to get food and how to properly wash their produce so they don't get sick. They learn how to shop in the market and how to cook local foods. We even give them some recipes so they don't flounder when "grocery" shopping locally.

We tell them not to drink the water, how to properly boil it so that it's safe, and where to get drinking water.

We give them a map of their town and show them how to get to each other's houses.

We give them a curfew so that they get their rest and have the energy to fully engage in the program. We also establish an exercise routine starting bright and early 4-days-a-week!

We teach them how to be safe, how to be culturally aware and how to make friends.

After the basics, we can begin to stretch them a little further.  They begin to learn language, how to use public transportation, how to have their own house. They learn how to tell their story and engage locals with the gospel. They're always a little nervous but also excited and very eager to gain confidence and grow while here.

By the end of their time here, they are able to confidently travel across different countries, secure visas and use all different means of local transportation. We love seeing the confidence they build in the practical, transferable life skills that they can now use in any context.

Even more, we love seeing the confidence and growth in their own spiritual discipleship. They know how to abide in Christ daily and sustain themselves with Scripture. It’s a privilege to walk alongside each of them for this season.