Parents and The Call To Missions

What would you say if your son or daughter came home to tell you they think God is leading them to be a missionary?

What if that place God is leading them to is Saudi Arabia? Iraq? Sudan?

How do we manage the tension of releasing our children to God’s purpose for them and at the same time desiring them to be close?

This is an ongoing conversation in the missions world and it’s not an easy one. Working with young adults who are pursuing a life of overseas missions in places most of the world deems “unsafe” makes this a regular conversation for us. Our mentorship is just as much a first step for parents as it is for our students.

As we train and equip students overseas, we know this time away from home is instrumental for preparing parents.

“We parents will always wrestle to temper our desires to keep our children close and safe with the desire to release them into the gospel work to which they’ve been called. I will have to balance my desire to keep them safe and to let them risk all for the sake of Christ and his gospel."

Read this perspective from Ed Stetzer as he talks about releasing his three daughters to the work God has for them. It’s challenging, compelling and saturated with gospel perspective.