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Push Back Darkness

by Mike Young

‘Til the Son shines above us like high noon
Lighting up every room,
Push back the darkness, take back the night.

Build the signal fires calling grace to swing low
Bring the rescue lights,
Shine a light on hope that heaven will help us,
And help is on the way.

Raise up the torch bearers
Who light up the night brighter than fireworks on forth of July –
Only a glimpse of the perfection of love that is coming our way.
But it is a glimpse that gives life to all who behold
That glimpse of the perfect love of the Lord, God.
So raise up the workers who harvest darkness and turn it into light.

Push back the darkness,
Take back the night.

We never had to ask light to drive out darkness,
Only had to strike the match.

We never had to hope the light would over come,
Only set the flame to wick and watch it burn throughout the night.

We never had to ask God to be victorious,
Only open our eyes and behold Him in glory.

We never had to ask to be blessed to be blessings
Only to pick up our cross and carry it,
Even to the ends of the earth.

Like signal fires, like rescue lights.
Push back the darkness, take back the night.

Until all those who know the need for a savior
But never knew one would or could care enough to come,
Hear the good news of a kingdom that’s already at hand.

Until those the world deemed unreachable are reached,
Raise up the ones to reach them.

Until those the world labeled unsaveable are saved,
Send out the ones who carry salvation like sunlight.

Until those who know death like the back of their hand
But never saw life shoot up like a sunrise.
Never had a name for hell, because they lived it every day.
Never had a name for hope, because why have a name for a thing you’ve never seen.

Until every tribe, tongue, and nation
Knows of God’s glory that’s already and always filling the earth,
Knows the love, joy, and peace that was purchased with One Son’s blood,
Not just for one, or for some, but for all who would come.
Until “panta ta ethne”

Until the light of God’s love and life outshines the shadows of sin and death.
Until all things new.

Push back the darkness,
Carry the Light.

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