What our graduates say about Cafe 1040

These months have brought about many of the purposes intended—to be immersed in different unreached people groups, to identify some challenges that can occur, and to gain confidence that those challenges can be overcome. My eyes have been opened more than ever before to the reality that there are still so many who have yet to hear the gospel. It has only increased my desire to be used by God in whatever way He sees fit.
— North Africa Graduate Summer 2018
I feel like God really used this program in my life to prune and train me up for the field. I have been passionate about reaching the unreached for a very long time and there were many times I almost went to the field in my own timing. I can confidently say that this program came exactly in the Lord’s timing and also was exactly what I needed. I really can’t imagine where I would be or how quickly I would’ve burnt out on the field if I hadn’t.
— South Asia Graduate Spring 2018
I can’t believe that my three months here are coming to a close, but I have so much joy knowing that my time here has confirmed and clarified my desire to pursue this work in the near future! I am leaving Asia with a practical plan moving forward to continue following Jesus to do this work, as well as with many new tools that have equipped me to join a team overseas.
— Southeast Asia Graduate Fall 2017
Before Cafe 1040, I knew God had called me to do full-time overseas work, but I was scared. Was I really cutout for the job? Now being in North Africa, I am becoming more and more confident in the gifts God has given me and the ways He is going to use these gifts for His name’s sake. Life in North Africa has been sweet and living life constantly out of my comfort zone has allowed me to experience the faithfulness of our Father and the grace He delights to show us. I can now say without a shadow of a doubt that I am called to the 1040 Window.
— North Africa Graduate Fall 2016
Wow, I don’t know where I can even begin. I have story upon story upon story about how the Lord used my time with Cafe 1040 to begin and continue many significant things. From solidifying really basic desires of my heart of seeing the nations reached through being face to face with people who have never heard of Jesus, to drawing me closer to His heart personally, to teaching me things about who He has created me to be, God used Cafe 1040 to teach me how I can be a part of His amazing, awe inspiring plan to reach the ends of the earth. I can confidently say that my willingness to go to the nations was solidified during my time with Cafe 1040 through my wisdom received and the love of God that I experienced.
— SEA Graduate Fall 2015
It’s hard to summarize all the things I learned at Cafe1040. Rather than becoming immobilized by culture stress, unfamiliar customs, or adventure, I’ve felt freed to share Jesus in all sorts of contexts. Cafe1040 taught me what living on a team means. I’ve avoided unhealthy teams and managed conflict in healthy ways on the teams I’ve joined. I would encourage all young adults thinking about missions to consider Cafe1040. The experience-rich training set me on a journey to the field with a strong sense of calling, courage, and vision.
— NA Graduate Summer 2014
Long story short, it changed my life.

— SEA Graduate Spring 2016
I moved to the field pretty quick after Cafe, but right now I live away from my target people group in order to learn language.The other day I connected with a local woman I knew nothing about in hopes of creating a language-sharing relationship. During our first meeting I discovered her father is from the exact people group I am destined for! She continued to tell me the incredible story of his conversion to the Family when he was a young adult because of a worker, a gifted Book, and an unbelievable miracle.
— NA Graduate Spring 2015
God planted a seed in my heart for my dream of living among unreached people.

— SEA Graduate Summer 2015
The program was just great overall for me. There are so many things that had an impact on my passion to serve unreached people groups. Also, I learned more practical things in this program than my friends who have served other places. I learned about travel, security, and how to preach the gospel to the unreached.
— NA Spring 2016
I have nothing but good things to say about my time serving with Cafe 1040. Our leaders were amazing and I am still in touch with several of my teammates (one of which I support as he serves overseas). The opportunity I had with Cafe 1040 was eye-opening, exciting, hard, full of adventure, and helped shape my character for life and ministry down the road. I would do it again a thousand times over.
— NA Graduate Fall 2014
A large portion of the program is acquiring skills that will be useful for long-term work in the future. This includes classes on unreached people groups, church planting movements, spiritual warfare, operational security, using safe language, and learning how to share the gospel in cultures where shame and honor are very much a part of daily life. We also had the opportunity to acquire skills for simple things that are also needed, like using public transportation, buying food in the market, bargaining, and budgeting.
— SEA Graduate Spring 2016
I will always carry these memories and experiences around in my heart. God has done heart surgery on me. He has changed the way it beats and cleared my vision for the nations. This trip has been one of joy, hardship, learning to trust God, and learning to pray like I know he hears me. These three months weren’t easy, but nothing that is worth doing ever is. And this was so worthwhile.
— NA Graduate Spring 2016
There in the middle of the desert, I listened to His silent voice. He assured my heart that He’s heard my pleas. He brought to mind all the faces & names that I’ve met here that used to only be statistics to me. He reminded me where my heart was prior to my arrival here & where it rests now. He confirmed that I cannot claim ignorance to the vast need in order for His Name to be spread across the globe & that I have a part to play in that. He showed me how big He was in that wide-open sky. He wowed me with His humbling ability to hold all things together.
— NA Graduate Fall 2015
I have confidence that I can do this work in any place in the world. I also have confidence that I don’t need to know every next step for the future, but that I need to follow God and live out His purpose everyday. I have seen the realities of what working in a closed country looks like and I am equipped to do it.
— SEA Graduate Summer 2015