What Will I Learn With Cafe 1040?


It is probably the most frequently asked question that we get asked. While every student involved with Cafe 1040 experiences a different take-away, lesson, and grows in a unique way that is personal to his or her walk with Jesus, there are very specific things you will learn as part of your curriculum and experience overseas to help you gain clarity and confidence in your pursuit of a life among the unreached.

Below is an excerpt from one of our students who recently went through our program, describing a few things she learned through her time in Southeast Asia.


I’ve learned about Internet security, how to write safe newsletters, and how to make safe videos.

I’ve learned how to make a departure plan in case the country I was in were to become unsafe and I needed to leave quickly.

I’ve learned how to work on team-conflict resolution, how to truly look out for each other, and how to pray for each other.

I’ve learned how to walk an area with a team and pray and the importance of doing so.

I’ve learned that there are minority people groups within the larger people group of a country, and that they have a language specific to them that is different than the country’s language at large.

I’ve learned how to create a plan for working within hard to access places.

I’ve learned about the challenges of language learning, through language classes, as well as the importance of knowing a person’s mother tongue.

I’ve learned how to tell a story from the Bible, without reading it to them.

I’ve learned the importance of knowing a country’s or culture’s background, through history classes.

Possibly the most important thing that I have learned is that sometimes you have to be intentional in your conversations if you want to have an impact for the Kingdom.

Important life questions don’t always come up on their own. Sometimes you have to start them. And, if you want to plant seeds for God then you need to take initiative!


If you’re wondering if a life of missions among the unreached is for you and you have questions about the hows, the whys, and the whens, talk to a mentor. You can learn more about the Overseas Missions Mentorship and talk to us when you’re ready.