Making Friendships, Sharing A Story

Written from a Cafe 1040 Student.

We’ve had many awesome opportunities here, one being that I’ve met two close friends who God has been allowing my teammate and I to speak a lot of truth to. The cool thing is that these friends keep coming back wanting to know more, wanting to hear another story.

On one of my free days, I had the chance to bike up a mountain with my friend John; I was really excited for this opportunity because I could feel God was going to allow me to share the story of Jesus with John that day.

Biking up a mountain is a lot harder than I thought though. The first hill we hit, I didn’t even make it half way up before having to walk my bike, but it ended being a great day. I felt like I was not going to make it at times, but John kept telling me, “If you put effort into anything, you can do it.”

After the biking I still hadn’t had a chance to talk to him much so we went out for some western food, which is a great treat after something like that. While talking to him I got to learn a lot about his life that I didn’t know, then got to share with him my story and all God has done for me. He told me about how he wasn’t religious and said, “If you do good, then good will come to you.”


Then I got the coolest chance to share with him a Bible story talking about how we are all broken and deserve bad, but then Jesus paid that price for us. I wasn’t sure how he would react with me being so open about the Bible, but when I got done he surprised me with the best reply.

He asked if I could tell him more stories about Jesus because he wanted to know more!

The story above is from a student who is going through Cafe 1040’s Overseas Missions Mentorship. This mentorship provides students with the direction and guidance for their own personal walk with Jesus, as well as how that plays into God’s heart for the unreached parts of the world. Students are equipped with how to share the remarkable story of Jesus to people who have never been told.