The Road We Walk Together

In my 18 years with Cafe 1040, I have had the privilege of hearing and seeing stories of lives changed from students who participate in our missions mentorships.

For our students, the people living inside the 10/40 window are no longer an unreached statistic on a page. (3.1 billion to be exact) They are friends they text for coffee dates, they are families they have shared a meal with, and they are people, just like you and me, longing for meaning in this life.

Our students are realizing for the first time in their lives that these people are a part of the 3.1 billion who will live and die without hearing the story of Jesus. But God is at work and inviting them into His story.

As you look through the pages of our annual report, you will see small glimpses of the story He is weaving. He is gracious that He invites you and I to be a part of it. I am grateful for we walk this road together. 

One day there will come a time that people from every nation, tribe, people and language will be standing before the throne proclaiming the greatness of God, and until then, our work is not finished. 

2017 Highlights:

  • 58 students immersed in unreached people groups
  • 9450 people exposed to the mentorship program
  • 82 grads committed to going long term
  • 53 missions events and conferences
  • 25 university partnership

We could not have done this without your faithful partnership!