In The Waiting

Written by a Cafe 1040 Student

“I’m so impatient.

Sometimes I really hate the pressures of time because my personality always has me dreaming of the future. This creates an urgency in me to get the most out of where I’m at.

I’m constantly living in the tension of the here and not yet here with a longing for everything to be at the best possible place it can be.

Whether it’s for my team to be the ideal picture of community or for my local friend to understand the beauty of the gospel, there is always a desire for more.

However, these past few months I’ve been forced to slowdown— to be still.

In some moments, I’ve felt urgency yet hopelessness. In others I’ve felt a desire to move forward yet forced to wait. I’ve had to stop and be totally dependent on the Father to do only what he can.”

How do you slow down and be more present in the moment?