The Biggest Barrier to Going Overseas

At Cafe 1040, we identify five major obstacles that keep people from going to tell the story of Jesus where it has never been told. Some people see all five barriers at play in their lives, while others identify with one or two. A guest contributor at Desiring God wrote a fantastic article that explains one of these barriers and how it can be overcome. She even qualifies it as "the biggest barrier to students going to the mission field."

She writes:

My husband and I sat with a couple dozen college students one night to listen to a missions’ mobilizer answer their questions about going overseas after college. The first question was one we’ve heard many times: How do you go about raising money when you’re just about to graduate from college? I know the young man probably got a little confused when his question was met with a smile and a shaking head. The mobilizer told them that money wouldn’t be their problem, and instead he asked the students to guess the primary barrier to them going to the mission field after college.
Answers like student loans, lack of training, and fear were all met by another shaking head. As the room grew silent, the mobilizer’s eyes met mine. I smiled because I knew the answer very well: it’s me.

Read the rest of the article here.