Far From Home

Written by a Cafe 1040 Student

Transitioning into life in South East Asia has been exciting, but also extremely heavy. Knowing the statistics about the 10/40 window and then meeting new friends who everyday live in the reality of not knowing their Creator has created a whole new perspective can at times be overwhelming.

Being here is harder than I anticipated.

Conversations can quickly turn into an exhausting ordeal with the language barrier. The frustration of wanting to go deeper in conversations but not being able to discourages me quite often.

But God is good, and despite the language barrier and despite the change of pace in this new city, He is faithful.

Since being here, I feel a new sense of passion for the nations and God is deepening the desire for me to live long-term overseas each day. The people may worship false idols and seek clarity from empty vessels, but when I look to the mountains that tower over all of the city lights, I am reminded of His authority in His place.