A Lamp to my Feet and Light to my Path

Written by a Cafe 1040 Student

I had little idea what I was getting myself into when I chose this program in NA. But as I look back on the past 13 months, all I can see is His sovereignty, His plan, His grace and love in every single thing that has happened, both internally and externally.

The choice of coming here was a blind step of faith. I did not have a direct answer from God as to what was next in life upon graduating and so I pursued what I know aligns with His heart and character and walked forward in faith.  As I look back, I see all that He was doing along the way. 

He proved to be the light to my feet and lamp to my path. Hard decisions came along the way as the Lord shattered many things in me that needed to be broken to be able to walk forward into what He has planned for me with these three months.

But in it all, I sit on this bus with a steady smile one my face, grateful for the way that reflection on His constant faithfulness proves that He is doing something far beyond what my mind could possibly imagine or comprehend.

And I now have a glimpse of the way He perfectly works all things together for good. This glimpse strengthens my inner being and lets my heart rest in my fortress, my refuge.

It is a place where all fears are relieved and I am able to “be still and KNOW that He is God.”

Oh the beauty of His grace and the way He transforms hearts.