That Was The First Time She Had Ever Heard It

It’s one of those things that doesn’t set in too easily. It’s unfamiliar and particularly hard to imagine. We talk about it all the time here at Cafe 1040, but to truly believe the reality of the situation remains a difficult task. There are billions of people who have no access to the gospel. We get to the opportunity to be a part of telling someone about Jesus for the first time.  Stories like this one never become typical. 

Listen to one of our grads share a story about how she was able to meet a friend during her time in North Africa and share the story of Jesus with her for the first time. 

“She just really wanted to be loved. And so God gave me this awesome opportunity to share the gospel with her. That was the first time she had ever heard it. That was the first time she had even heard of a Bible, not just seen it, touched it, but had even heard that this Book from God exists. It was an amazing privilege to share with her for the first time.”

We have an opportunity to tell the story of Jesus where it has never been told. There are only 6,658 unreached people groups left and together, we can reach them story and person of Jesus.