God is Doing Astonishing Work Around the Globe

God is doing astonishing work around the globe. Here is a story from one of our students during his time in South Asia.

Logan’s time in South Asia was running short and he still had some serious struggles to work through. At one of his final mentoring sessions, he explained how nervous he was about sharing his faith with people. Logan knew he needed to overcome this fear, but he still was quite nervous. How could he share the story of his relationship with Jesus cross-culturally with grace and no fear? His mentor listened to his concerns and encouraged him to pray for an opportunity to share his story.

Later that week, the students were invited to the home of their tour guide, Magdi. After eating dinner, the team spent time singing and sharing stories. As he found joy in building relationships, Logan stayed up later than the rest of the team to talk with Magdi and another guide, Rahi.

Magdi told them his dream (which is shared in detail here). It was like the Holy Spirit was urging him on. Rahi also shared about himself some. Logan knew this was his opportunity to share his story and he realized how much he wanted to share his faith with them. Despite the differences in culture and language, he understood Rahi had been suffering in ways that were very familiar to him. Both had been in unhealthy relationships that led to depression.

Logan explained that his suffering brought him back to church for the first time in years. The sermon preached that Sunday, the first sermon he had heard in years, ignited a love of Jesus that he had forgotten about. He saw that God’s love was so much greater than that of any earthly relationship. Jesus helped Logan with his loneliness and depressed feelings, and keeps transforming his life to this day.

After Logan shared his story, they stayed up talking late into the night. Rahi shared more of his story and some of his beliefs. Logan was amazed when Rahi pulled out a Bible and started asking questions. Indeed, he had many questions. They candidly talked about the hope that Jesus gives Logan.

Rahi asked, “What is the ultimate sacrifice?” Logan shared a passage in Ephesians to explain that grace alone is all we need and that Jesus was the only sacrifice we need.

Logan felt led to pray for Rahi. He prayed for hope – hope that he would come to learn that a relationship with Jesus was possible. He prayed that Jesus could help him through the deep suffering. Rahi said he felt genuine peace as Logan prayed.

God used Logan to open a dialogue with two people that he had just met – two people with an entirely different belief system, but who had similar experiences and shared the need for a relationship that only Jesus could provide.

God showed Logan that He could and would work through him. He then knew that he could do this kind of work overseas.

But Logan’s story isn’t over.

God is truly doing wondrous things.

Names have been changed in this story to protect the work across South Asia.