Why We partner with Cafe 1040

OMF International is extremely blessed in the partnership we have with Cafe 1040 especially in the provision of possible internships and detailed training that some of our field members can’t provide. The experience through Cafe 1040 is part of the foundation to successful long-term service and for those not quite ready to go long-term, this is a great next-step.
— Staff Person, OMF International

Cafe 1040 and AIM are partners because, the task of reaching the unreached of the 1040 window and beyond is our combined heartbeat. We sent young, prospective cross cultural workers, with dreams to Café 1040. They came back with credible skills. This is the best Bible centered training and cross cultural experience I know of. Graduates of a Café 1040 come to us with maturity, open hearts, open minds, and a sense of God’s hand on them to make disciples among the least reached of Africa. 
— Staff Person, African Inland Mission (AIM)