the future is exciting

3.1 Billion

That’s the number that keeps me up at night. There are 3.1 billion people in the world who have little to no access to the story of Jesus.

Few Christians. Hardly any churches. Even less missionaries.

At Cafe 1040, everything we do is aimed at seeing this reality changed. When I started Cafe 1040 back in 1999, I dreamed of the day when everyone in the world would at least have access to the story of Jesus. While we still have a lot of work to do, the future is exciting.

Here’s the good news: the emerging generation of missionaries has the potential to make a difference. They just need some help. They need someone to help them navigate the never-ending obstacles that can keep them from serving amongst this 3.1 billion and actually make it to the field.

As we prepare to launch our 4th base in 2019 amongst a Muslim diaspora people group in Europe, I stand amazed at what God has done over the last 19 years. There are currently 140 Cafe 1040 graduates with plans to move overseas in the next few years to tell the story of Jesus where it has never been told. Now that’s exciting!

Thank you for investing in a world where everyone has access to the story of Jesus.


Chuck Phillips                              Founder and Executive Director