What Do You Learn With Cafe 1040?

Written by a Cafe 1040 Student

Here's a glimpse of what I am learning:

We have been going through a study called "Experiencing God" that has been teaching me what it looks like abide and seek intimacy with Him instead of only focusing on knowing His will for my life. It has also taught me that He is already at work - we have to believe that since the task is so overwhelming and we cannot fulfill it on our own. This study has been very convicting since most of the time I want to jump ahead to the conclusion instead of letting Him lead me in His timing!

We are also going through a book about how to make disciples effectively which has taught me practical steps and how much of an intentional/timely process it is - but how it's so necessary and worth it!

We have have also gone through foundational lessons for our time here like; weekly budgeting, how to shop for food in the local market, how to wash our clothes by hand, the importance of lift walking, how to healthily respond to poverty, the cycles of culture shock, managing stress, key obstacles that could keep us from long-term work, the different ways to learn a language, and mentor sessions.

I have learned that learning language and culture takes a very long time and a commitment, and that my time here will really just be a tip of the iceberg for learning it fully! We spent most of last week learning enough language to help us with daily activities. One of my teammates and I got invited to a wedding last minute as well, and it was such a great cultural learning experience!

I have learned what it looks like to share the good news here, and how it's such a different process than in America. It requires a lot of time to build trust and friendship in the relationships.