The Pursuit

One man and one woman in complete harmony with God. Perfection. That is where it all began. But it didn’t last. Sin invaded the perfection of harmony, leaving everything broken and unclean. Man was now forever separated from God.


From Abraham to Moses, from Joshua to David, to Jonah to Paul to us, He has been wooing us away from the things that leave us broken and disappointed. He had been chasing and pursuing us back to Himself. He pursued us all the way to the cross, so that we can once again exist in perfect harmony with our Heavenly Father.

The pursuit is not finished. There are 2.9 billion people who have never heard the story of Jesus. What began with Jesus continues with us today. We are His storytellers.

God’s pursuit of us leaves us in pursuit of Him. We are chasing, seeking, pursuing the things He loves, the people He adores.  God is pursuing others, until all have heard. And, we’re trading our story, and joining His.