The Overseas Calling

At Cafe 1040, we spend a lot of time telling stories. We believe that storytelling is one of the best ways to communicate to ourselves and to others what God is doing in our midst. The following is a recent story and update from a graduate of our Overseas Missions Mentorship.

It was in North Africa with Cafe 1040 that I felt the overseas calling. Although a better way to say it might be that I had a crisis of faith; if Jesus is the only way to be spared from the wrath of God, I cannot look upon billions of people who haven’t heard and just simply disregard them. They have to know.

After my time in North Africa I proceeded to join in on that mission and was given a vision by God of a specific country in Central Asia. I followed through and served there for four and a half years. While there I met my wife and now we have been happily married for almost two and a half years.

My wife, however, has suffered anxiety issues, issues that required counseling and a long-term sabbatical approach. So were returned to the States in order for my wife to have time to heal, and now we have the green light from our sending agency and the counselor to go overseas again! This is very exciting for us, as we have been longing to go overseas for quite sometime.

So you can rejoice with us; God has and is mercifully healing his daughter, my wife. Now we, and those supporting us, feel that we are ready to go back overseas! Praise God that his faithfulness has been proven again and again, in our marriage, in our finances, and in life.