The Dream Giver

Written by a Cafe 1040 Overseas Staff

This past semester, we took our students to a city about 3 hours outside of base town. There we met Magdi, who was our tour guide and gracious host. He's an upper caste Hindu, with a strong family affiliation. Our first night with Magdi and his family, one of our students was able to share his personal testimony.

Unexpectedly, Magdi began sharing about dreams he has personally had about Jesus.

In late 2007, Magdi was being framed for murder by some in-laws. The police were convinced it was him, and he was going to be booked within the next seven days.

On Thursday night, Magdi lost hope. He bitterly wept and cried out for Jesus Christ to show him mercy. He fell asleep EMPTY and BROKEN, but abruptly awoke at 4:42 a.m. with a vivid dream of HOPE and HEALING.

In his dream, Jesus appeared as a bright light, placed His hand on Magdi’s head, and said, "Do not worry my son, simply wait until Saturday."

The dream tangibly startled him, and he immediately woke his mother to tell her what had transpired. 

Magdi anxiously waited until Saturday, when by mid-afternoon nothing had happened. He began to grieve again, when two strange women knocked on his door. When he opened the door, they simply told him that Jesus had appeared to them in a dream to come and give him the Word and tell him that all would be OK. A few hours later the police showed up at his house to apologize. They had found the man who was reportedly murdered. It had all been a big con on Magdi. 

Since 2007, Magdi has had three dreams of Jesus Christ, and he has faithfully read the Word and prayed to Jesus. The only issue is he doesn't understand what he is reading.

I had the privilege of talking with Magdi more in depth the following day, and we started studying the Word together the following week. Magdi is full of questions, and our times together spark deep gratitude in both of our hearts.

He is still very much "Hindu," and he still performs idolatrous rituals due to tradition and custom. Please pray that as we study the Word together Magdi will break free from these demonic idols and worship King Jesus, the Dream Giver.