Three Ways To Rethink Support Raising

Raising support can appear as a very daunting task for anyone.

Here at Cafe 1040, all of our staff and teams are financially supported by partners, so we understand the fear behind the idea of raising support and living off of the support of a team or partners.

We know that so many of the men and women that are considering a life of missions or ministry are asking the hard questions about support. There are also many who are weary of their desire to pursue a season or a life of missions because they just can’t stomach the idea of support raising. “Support raising isn’t for me” is a common thought and feeling. So, we wanted to share with you how we approach support raising, and why it may or may not be the necessary next step for you.


A healthy understanding of the difference between being vision driven and not need driven is one of the most important take-aways of mentorship with Cafe 1040.

The way that we approach support raising is somewhat different. As opposed to focusing on the need, we focus on the vision. The focus is not asking for money; the focus is inviting people to participate in the very thing that God has called you to do. We’re looking for partners not dollars. If you have a team of people partnering with you, the dollars will come.

Recently, one of our graduates, Dallas, was reminded of the reason why she raised financial support for her Overseas Missions Mentorship experience. She returned from North Africa after spending 3 months inside the 10/40 Window and among an unreached people group gaining clarity and confidence around what God was maybe calling her to do. After processing her experience and her desires, she decided to move forward with long-term missions and applied to a sending agency. When the time came to pay for the candidate training, she announced she had not been able to reach out to any supporters and would simply pay out of pocket. But, her Cafe 1040 mentor reminded her of the reasons for support raising and Dallas became excited to pursue it.

This is what Dallas was reminded of in her own heart:

THE VISION IS WORTH INVESTING IN. Going on a missions trip, long or short term, is not simply a way for you to have a fun adventure. It is a way for you to gain clarity regarding your future involvement in the Great Commission. God might be calling you to be one of those people that take the gospel to a place that’s never been reached before. That’s a big deal! You have been called by God to do this! You don’t need to apologize for being obedient to what God has called you to do.

THEY GET TO INVEST. You are presenting people with an opportunity to be a part of something special. You’re inviting them to play a small role in God’s great mission in the world to redeem all the peoples of the earth. This is nothing to be ashamed of! Be confident as you boldly invite people to partner with you in this great mission.

YOU ARE WORTH INVESTING IN. Do you believe this? You are a beloved Child of God that He might be calling to long-term missions work. You are a worthwhile investment.


Raising support is both a spiritual exercise as well as a physical exercise. We want to do both things well. It’s very important to avoid these two extremes:

  • Pray really hard but do zero work and hope that God provides.
  • Work really hard but never pray and hope the money comes in.

Our mentors will guide you through a smart method of preparing your list of potential supporters, writing letters, creating a phone call script, and how to track your support. Dallas went through this process for her three month overseas mentorship with Cafe 1040, and was still connected with her mentor when she began moving forward with long-term sending agencies. They developed a plan to raise the money for her candidate training and all the money came in within one week – along with all the travel expenses! Our God is a provider!


Dallas was blown away with the monetary gifts she received and overjoyed with the blessings of partnering with supporters. Also, those who had supported her three month trip with Cafe 1040 were already on board to continue with her moving forward long-term.

COMMUNITY. By raising support, you’re not just asking for money, you’re asking people to be a part of your team. You’re not going through this journey alone; you’re going through it with a team of people that will be praying for you, thinking of you, and financially supporting you throughout the process.

LONG-TERM. While you are required to raise support with Cafe 1040 and future sending agencies, the greater benefit of raising support is the long-term impact. First, hopefully you will have gained the necessary skills and training to be an effective fund-raiser in the future. Next, hopefully you will have a team of people surrounding you if you decide to go long-term.

How does the idea of raising support sit with you? We’d love to have a conversation with you. Like you, we’ve been there.

Support Raising Is Not The American Way