Sharing The Gospel Through Art

Written by a Cafe 1040 Student

One thing that God has been particularly placing on my heart is the use of art for His name.

Before I came on this trip it was placed on my heart for me to bring some supplies to do paintings while I was here. It has been so beautiful to see the way the Creator has used it.

I have been able to share my story, tell stories from the Bible and ultimately share the Gospel with many friends through the these paintings.

I know that there is so much untapped power of creating with the Creator in sharing the Gospel and reaching the people who no one has gone to.

As I seek out how God wants me to use this long term I ask of you all to be praying for me in it. Be praying that He will continue to give me ideas of what to paint, that I will be bold to share them with friends, that it would be beyond my talents, and that I will be able to understand what more God wants me to use this for.