Q&A With A Cafe 1040 Grad

Meet Margaret – A grad from North Africa

Q: Give us a little background about your testimony/story and how that led you to looking for an organization like Cafe 1040. 

A: Missions was the only thing that was consistently on my heart throughout my life. Once I graduated, I decided I have to figure it out now. I did a short trip to Israel with my church, and I loved the people and the culture. I thought maybe the Lord is calling me to the Middle East. I went to Greece and worked in a refugee camp and loved the experience. I was able to share the gospel with people and see them respond. I tripped over myself so many times. I knew nothing about the culture, so I decided I needed more training. This is where Cafe 1040 came in. I met a guy in my local coffee shop and he told me about Cafe and told me to look into it. I thought that sounds cool, and I love an adventure. I then started to pursue Cafe 1040 for more training.

Q: What did you enjoy most about your time there and with our program?

A: I loved the hospitality of the people. You could just walk down a random street and have people invite you in for tea. That would never happen in the United States and it was refreshing to feel a sense of warmth and welcome.

Q: What was the most challenging thing for you?

A: The most difficult thing, that surprised me, was being disconnected in so many different ways. I didn’t expect to feel that with social media. In North Africa I didn’t have an option to distract myself and a lot of things started coming up in my life with struggles with me and God and I had to deal with those.

Q: Describe an experience you had that impacted the way you thought about missions.

A: The mentor aspect was awesome. I so much looked forward to the times I had with her. Processing with her, talking with her, it was really good.  With all the leaders in NA, I felt like we were the only students they have ever had. They were 100% fully invested in us.

Q: Did this experience give you more clarity and confidence on your calling? How?

A: I really feel like Cafe 1040 gave me confidence. I didn’t have writing in the sand from God, but I was given more humility, and it gave me more confidence to move forward.

Q: What is your biggest obstacle now that you have decided to go long-term? Did Cafe 1040's program help prepare you?

A: I think the biggest thing is continuing the vision of this is what God’s been doing throughout history. This is my place and how can I step into God’s will for my life. I am going to Europe because it makes so much sense. It’s difficult to live in North Africa and be open, but in Europe I can be open and they can go back to their countries and start church planting movements. The importance of unreached people is the biggest way my mind has shifted. I had been on a lot of short-term trips, but that was never communicated to me. I took Perspectives on the World Christian Movement and after Cafe 1040 and my view of unreached was solidified. 

Q: What would you tell someone who is considering Cafe 1040?

A: I would say absolutely do the program. I know that Cafe 1040 isn’t for every person, but I would say that you shouldn’t discount the program because of previous life experience. I had lots of short-term training, but now having been through the program, I realized how much I didn’t know. I didn’t know security, and much about the 10/40 Window. If you have a lot of experience or no experience at all, go through the program!

Q: If you could summarize Cafe 1040 into one sentence, how would you summarize our program? 

A: An experience that will open your eyes to the great need of the world without knowledge of the gospel and further equip you to meet that need at home or abroad. It’s an experience, not a trip. It broadens your horizons.