Q&A With A Cafe 1040 Grad

Meet Patrick – A Grad from North Africa

Q: How/When did you know that God was calling you to missions?

A: I heard the gospel at a young age, but it wasn’t until junior year in high school where the Lord gripped me and I started walking in relationship with the Lord. Shortly after that I felt a strong pull/calling on missions. I started to look at what missions is according to the Bible. What does it look like to do work overseas? Cafe 1040 seemed like a clear next step.

Q: How did you find out about Cafe 1040's program?

A: I looked at several organizations that have 3-month programs. My missions pastor helped me find Cafe 1040.

Q: Why did you choose your location for overseas?

A: In the year or two leading up to going through Cafe’s program, I felt a real burden for Muslim people. I am not exactly sure where it came from, but they are misunderstood, neglected, feared and there are so many Muslims that have never heard the gospel and have a wrong picture of who Jesus is. We forget that these are people with souls who were made in the image of God and are sinners just like us. One day there will be many former Muslims around the throne of God and I want to be apart of that.

Q: What did you enjoy most about your time there and with our program?

A: My mentorship with an experienced missionary overseas was a huge blessing. He helped me work through a lot. They helped me gain clarity, overcome obstacles, help take the next steps and identify how to use the gifts God has gifted me in a missions context.

Q: Did this experience give you more clarity and confidence on your calling? How?

A: Cafe 1040 absolutely gave me clarity and confidence on His calling for me. I came to the program pretty sure I wanted to go, but my experience overseas really confirmed it. I grew in my desire to go and I grew in my desire to go to a Muslim nation. I gained clarity regarding my next steps. I wasn’t sure what I would do next. From the time I come home to the time I go long-term, what does that time look like? What do I need to be doing? What does missions as a career look like? It was very important and significant for me to have guidance in what next steps to take after coming home.

Q: What is your biggest obstacle now that you have decided to go long-term? Did Cafe 1040's program help prepare you?

A: The biggest barrier is going overseas long-term single. It’s common to a lot of people who go through the program. Living overseas as a single person seemed daunting, and almost not doable. After talking with my mentors, God will take care of me, Christ is completely worth it, and will provide what I need. I am not sure what that looks like, but I know that He is completely faithful.

Q: Where will you be serving or are thinking of serving? Why?

A: I want to serve among Muslims. The Middle East has been on my heart for a while. Not as many missionaries go there and many parts are not particularly safe or comfortable. Some of the hardest places are full of people who need to hear the gospel. I feel like I would like to go to a place where there isn’t as much effort to reach these people.

Q: Would you recommend Cafe 1040’s program to others/friends? Why?

A: Absolutely. It’s a great next step for people who are considering missions and aren’t sure what it may look like. The program is designed to help you gain clarity and how you can play a roll in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Q: If you could summarize Cafe 1040 into one sentence, how would you summarize our program? 

A: Cafe 1040 is a powerful and effective mobilization tool that God is using to raise up laborers from this generation to take the gospel where it is not.