Oral Cultures Respond To Stories Of Jesus

Across the world, storying has been especially successful among people groups who are oral.

They remember and pass on information by telling stories. As a practice of communicating the truths of Jesus in any culture, we teach our students how to story, that is to tell the story of Jesus in an engaging, story-telling format.

We challenged our students to share at least one story from the Bible with a local friend using this method. At the end of the semester, the students recounted their experiences sharing the story with their local friends. Below is a story from one of our students:

“Today I met with a friend for coffee. She shared her struggle with loneliness and her fear of disappointing her family if she wasn’t successful enough. I told her about what encourages me, the story of a man who lived a perfect life, but had the same struggles, and chose to die because he loves us and wanted a perfect relationship with us. She listened intently and seemed encouraged. I then explained the story and how God provides for all our needs and also deserves all the honor. I spent the entire time praying that one day she would understand the truth and believe.”

Everyone loves a good story, and we know the most incredible, life-changing story ever told.