Life Here So Far

Written by a Cafe 1040 Student

Coming here, I had no real expectation as to what life would exactly be like. I share one bedroom with three other girls on a street where only one person understands our English charades. I live in an up-and-coming city—half-traditional, half-modern –but all full of culture. 

Adjusting to the pace of life took a little while. Time here feels like it moves in a new manner. It maybe due to what once was jet lag but now days seem to go by so quickly yet feel long at the same time. The days drag on into weeks that feel like months.

I’m starting to get the hang of not questioning why:

“Why are there lines on the road, yet no one stays in their lanes?”

“Why does the market close in the middle of the day, seemingly for hours, for no reason?”

“Why do people sweep the road three times a day?”

“Why are there ten different words that mean completely different things but literally sound the exact same?”

Despite all that seems weird to me, God is growing my heart for this people. Coming here was out of obedience, not always knowing why God was bringing me. As I explore the country, I am beginning to see more and more glimpses as to why.

This is a people group where a generational belief is passed down that dictates their lives and consumes their culture. Idol worship is mandatory - whether it is a personal belief or not. Daily burnings and offerings at altars occur to appease spirits or gain favor.

Being the sweetest and most welcoming people group I’ve ever encountered, I want even more for them to be released from the blindness, to see the emptiness in their worship, and to know Father of lights for who he is.