Life Around The Locals

Written by a Cafe 1040 student

My team and I have had some sweet opportunities to build friendships with a few locals in the city we are living in.  They have taught us so much about how they live and how they view life.

While we are so different from each other, God has allowed us to build such sweet friendships with them. I think that has been one of my favorite things so far- experiencing friendship with people who are so completely different than I am and feeling God give me the capacity to love them just as they are.

One thing I am learning, though, is that God desires for me to love Him first and foremost, before I ever try to "do" for Him. 

There are millions of people who live in this city alone (Yes, the city I live in is HIGHLY populated!), and sometimes when I think about the reality of how few of them have probably ever heard Jesus’s name, I get overwhelmed by the work to be done here.

I am reminded, though, that working hard in my own strength for God will only ever yield human-sized fruit. My joy instead is complete when I am first abiding in God! From there, I can hear His voice clearly.

Being guided by the Holy Spirit, I am stirred into the work he started here long before I ever got here! Anything that flows from my life when I am walking in intimacy with God will yield GOD-SIZED fruit.

God, let my soul cling to you first and foremost!