Is The Task Impossible?

"He said, 'The things which are impossible with people are possible with God'." Luke 18:27

In this line of work, you usually have more questions than answers. How does culture affect Christianity? How does where you were born impact your faith? Is it even possible for every people group to know Christ?

These were the questions Stephanie couldn’t escape.  During her time with Cafe 1040, God met her in the midst of these questions and gave her a glimpse of what He is doing in Southeast Asia.

On her last excursion trekking up a huge mountain, she had an “aha” moment. Meeting up with a once unengaged people group who are now reached and self-sustaining in their faith, Stephanie realized the task at hand is actually possible. In her words, “that was the moment when I realized I could to do this for the rest of my life”. She had always thought the Lord was calling her to the unreached but in all honesty thought is was a futile task, impossible, and therefore a waste of her time. Seeing a success story with her own eyes gave Stephanie the hope she needed to fuel the task the Lord is calling her to.

This summer Stephanie headed back to Southeast Asia to serve among the unreached.

How will you be a part of the “impossible” task? Are you considering missions, our overseas mentorship may be perfect for you.