International Day for the Unreached

Cafe 1040's mission was formed around the reality that there are almost 3 billion people who have little to no access to the gospel. That’s 42% of the entire world’s population and the majority of these people groups all live in one area of the world – the 10/40 Window.

On June 9, we get to join together for the International Day for the Unreached.

This day is set aside each year to remember the 42% of the world that has yet to hear the story of Jesus. 




 To get started, pick an unreached people group. Here is a great place to find them.  Commit to daily pray for these people.


Is God calling you to serve among the unreached? Less than 5% of missionaries live and work among these people. We'd love to connect you with opportunities to be a part of seeing the Great Commission completed in our lifetime. Send us a message here.


We'd love for you to advocate for the unreached. This can look a lot of different ways.  If you know missionaries that are working among the unreached, consider adopting one of them and support them in their work.

We'd also encourage you to check out different organizations that work among the unreached and invest in their work. See what resonates with your heart. We would be honored to have you join in financial partnership with our work or any of our partners.

Check out more great resources about the unreached that International Day for the Unreached put together. You can find additional ways to get involved in their Great Commission Action Guide