Written by a Cafe 1040 Staff

What did the previous generation pass down you?  Was it your work ethic?  A passion for a hobby?  Skills like hunting or sewing?

In the United States today, there is a lot of talk about the new generation.  What will they be like?  What do they value?  How do we deal with them?

Many in the older generations think about the legacy they passed on.  Did I teach my children or grandchildren the most important things about life?  What kind of world will they live in?  What challenges will they face?

As I reflected on this thought, I was reminded why I do what I do.

For many of us in America, we inherited Christian values and a Christian worldview from the generation before us; whether directly from our parents or from our larger culture.  We may have had to make it our own, but the generations before us were able to guide us into maturity through the Truth of the gospel.  Today, there are 3.1 billion people who didn't get that chance.  There is no previous generation of believers to pass on a legacy of faith.

Additionally, as you look around, the next generation is defined by the rise of the "nones," people who have no religious affiliation.  More so than any other time in American history, we have to be intentional about passing on our faith to the next generation.  We have to raise them up in the way they should go and teach them the Lord's commandment to make disciples.

Generations are why Cafe 1040 exists. We exist to raise up a new generation.  A generation that will go to those without access to the gospel and to change generations to come.  A generation to raise the next generation to change future generations.

Thank you for praying and supporting the generations of students and the generations of unreached whose eternal destinies will be changed by the gospel.