I Am So Small In This Work

Sometimes the most empowering lesson we can learn in missions is just how small we are in His story.

Over one short month with days that seem as long as weeks, I have spent living my life in a foreign country with foreign people while learning a foreign language and culture.

My three other roommates and I were quite literally dropped at the doorstep of our small yellow gate as we were still getting to know the little quirks about one another. We settled abruptly into the humid life of rock hard sleeping mats, street market grocery shopping, the crazy that revolves around the philosophy of having no traffic laws, culture class schedules, personal training at 6:30 AM, and a “laundry room” that consists of only buckets and a hose.

We met Lynn a few weeks back during a local homestay and they took us around to ancient places such as temples and caves that are used for worshipping. She stayed behind and walked with a feared look while clenching a necklace under her shirt most of the temple tour.

Finally, I got alone with her and simply asked if she believed in any of this bowing and worshipping. I still have yet to get the look on her face out of my head after I asked something so disrupting in an honor-shame culture like this one.

She looked around for safety before responding with the action of pulling out her cross necklace she was holding so closely to her heart.

Lynn is saved. Work is being done here. She was lifting for her loved ones bowing at emptiness while in fear of being disowned or caught for her different beliefs.

Until then I didn’t realize how much bigger this all was than just me meeting people one on one to share the good news.

I am so small in all of this and Lynn was the light that proved to me how small.

Lynn is the defeater of evil for not only her own heart but her loved ones too.