He Holds All The Power To Break Chains

Written by a Cafe 1040 Student


He has already been teaching me so much about how much He loves the people of this nation. He was here way before me and will be here long after me!

Most days I can see God all around this city -- through the smiles of locals, in their loving actions, and in the breath-taking landscapes that my eyes have been graced with.

The hardest part so far of living here is seeing how dark of a place this is in the spiritual sense. It is not uncommon to see an altar with incense burning at a restaurant, convenience store, or home.

We have already visited some local temples (places of worship), and seen the reality of the lifestyle many locals live in. They worship and pray to stone status, believing that it will bring them the "good things" in life.

Another common practice is to worship and pray to ancestors. They sacrifice food and material items to their deceased ancestors in hopes of good luck, money, and a good life.

My heart breaks for them, and I know God’s does, too.

But this restores my confidence in the power of Jesus Christ! He holds all the power to breaks the chains and shackles of the false Gods that this nation has been trapped in for so long.