Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours

Written by a Cafe 1040 Student

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit a Muslim village.  Not only is this a Muslim village, but there is no one working to share the Good News with this people group. When I came to Southeast Asia, I did not realize that I would have this unique opportunity.  The experience was very eye-opening and life-changing. We had the chance to spend two full days there.

While we were there we spent time prayer walking and engaging with the local people.  We had dinner at a family's house and we were able to learn more about their culture and what they believe.  It was very heart-breaking to see that these people are devout Muslims, but there is no one there that is currently working to share the Good News with them.  

In addition to learning about Muslim culture, I also saw what it would look like to work with a people group who do not have access to the Gospel.  My team talked through possible reasons why this village is unengaged.

In addition to their religion, the people there speak their own language.  Only one person we met there spoke any English.  Because of this, it would be very challenging to communicate with locals.  It would also be challenging for any foreigners to move there.  Because the government keeps such a tight control on things, it would be very difficult to find a "reason" to live there. 

God has broken my heart for people who do not have access to the Gospel.  I'm praying that all of these barriers would be broken down and these people would have a relationship with Jesus.