Because Of Love

Written by a Cafe 1040 Student

 "But that's not logical." She said, "Why would He come and take away all the punishment you deserve by dying on a cross for you?"

"The same reason why you would jump in front of an oncoming car in order to protect your child," I responded ,"because -"

"of love." She interrupted. "Your Jesus died for you because He loves you."

That's when I saw the Holy Spirit stirring in her heart. Her eyes were getting glassy as she was beginning to understand the deep, passionate, selfless love our Father has for us.

 After two hours of conversations and trying to explain why we believe what we believe, she still did not come to know Jesus, but I don't have a doubt in my mind that she will one day come to know Him. Jesus will never stop pursuing her heart. I fully believe she was changed that day on the beach.

The past two weeks have been spent giving out flowers to the locals, riding countless hours camel-back in order to reach two different unengaged, unreached people groups in remote parts of the Sahara desert. There were many days os traveling, and processing going home in just a few days. This summer has been unlike any other, and I am returning home a whole new person.

Because of this program, I have gained confidence that I could get dropped any where on the map, and be able to survive. We had multiple opportunities to share our faith, attend weddings, break language barriers with hugs, kisses, and laughter, and just simply getting to love the person in front of us.

I am leaving a changed person. I am not the same from months ago, and I had God to thank for putting me through this program. Countless times He has given me peace about my future, and restored His love for the nations through me again and again. This program has fanned the flame on my heart for the people in the 10/40 window and the Muslim culture.

"How can they know if no one tells them."

I am thankful for the calling He has given me to go; I wouldn't want to chase after this wild and crazy adventure without Him. Abba Father be the glory.