An Unreached People Group Being Reached

This post is written by a Cafe 1040 Student.

This past week our team traveled to the mountains and spent the week trekking through villages. About 30 years ago, a team of workers said “yes” to God’s call and brought the Word to a small minority group living in the mountains. While it was a long process filled with trials and persecution, today this people group has churches. They have pastors. They have the Bible in their own language.

We have been living among a people group who are unreached. They currently do not have the Bible and have no witness among them. Our team felt the heaviness of the need for workers among them.

Throughout our time, we often wondered what it would look like to reach a group that has never heard the name of Jesus.

Being in this village over the past week, we saw a picture of a people group that has been reached. There are enough believers among this people that foreign workers are no longer needed.  Previous missionaries have poured into these people for years. Now, this village is going to neighboring tribes to tell all who have ears to hear about the story of Jesus Christ.

This picture of seeing God move through an entire village is a reminder of how big God is, what He is doing among the nations and how I can join in. It’s renewed in me a desire to leverage my life to see more unreached people groups reached with the story of Jesus.

God is at work and I want to be a part of it.