An Interview With A Cafe 1040 Student

As much as we try to provide answers and stories of what Cafe 1040 does, it is the students who have been through the program who provide the best insights.

Every student that goes through our overseas mentorship has a unique story of how God led him or her to Cafe 1040.

Find out how God moved in Bryan to be a part of our South Asia summer program.

“I was looking to try and get a business internship this summer,” Bryan said as I started to interview him.  God obviously had other ideas.

Bryan had never really considered missions prior to coming to South Asia with Cafe 1040. 

“I thought it was really cool, but not something for me,” he said. 

But when a friend of his who came through the Cafe 1040’s program last summer sat him down, God got to work on his heart. 

When he initially heard about the program he somewhat dismissed it. But as he prayed about what his summer could look like, Cafe 1040 became more and more attractive. 

Bryan began to process this opportunity with a guy from his campus ministry.  His mentor eventually looked at Bryan and said, “You know what you’re going to do.” 

Bryan’s summer with Cafe 1040 was exactly what God has planned.  When I asked Bryan about his choice this summer, Bryan replied, “God didn’t let me do anything else.”

How has God led you to the where you are now? Is God calling you to plant your life among an unreached people group?