A New Way to Study

Written by a Cafe 1040 Student

In our time with Cafe 1040, we have been gifted with many Arabic teachers to learn the language, the culture and learn which teaching works best with us.

In the beginning we are on our own to learn words from the locals. This is fun but pretty rough! We were given a tutor and an Arabic Culture teacher as well, which helps learn more words but also teaches the dynamics of the culture and Muslim beliefs. We were also able to be a part of a small school where we were taught the basics of the language. 

I found, for myself, learning the basic underlying purposes behind words combined with the tutor is what would help me the most. 

In the actual school, our teacher, DJ*, shared an interesting class with us that was focus on Belief vs. Relationship. As a Christian, I agreed with his statement that there is a difference, but he challenged us.

How many Christians are too focused on trying to make sure they have all the right answers instead of listening first? Only then, can we share that Our God is Jesus the SON of God and died for us, and that our Father LOVES us.

We do what we do because of our love and reverence for Him, not solely because we fear him. The teacher expressed that realizing that He was loved is what changed his perspective. 

In his words, "Shut your mouth and let the Holy Spirit do the work.”