A Day In The Life

It was 5:30 am and still very dark outside when the 6-passenger taxi arrived outside of our house. I wiped the sleepiness out of my eyes as we tossed our strategically packed bags into the back of our ride and thus began our trip.

Based on my time spent with Cafe 1040 up to this point, I was betting that this excursion would be full of intention.

We were swept to the train station and put on the first train to the Royal City. Full of excitement and wonder each of us took our seats to prepare ourselves for the four-hour voyage. Full of desperation for God to intervene in our lives, we each anticipated what was to come of this journey.

We arrived at our destination city a little before noon and immediately were immersed into a completely different culture – from the already complete culture shift that we’ve committed our lives to for the next 3 months outside of America.

Starting with the food: everything was rice based, which I. am. not. complaining about. I (unlike the rest of my team) have developed quite the craving for this particular grain.

Next, we got to delve into our true purpose for this excursion. Everything I’ve learned has been for a specific purpose to teach us, train us, and equip us for work, and this experience was undoubtedly no different.

After a short bus ride we were dropped off just outside of a small orphanage. I think that most people have a misconception that children living in orphanages are anything and everything but happy. Allow me to shatter that image for you.

These children were the most joyful kids that I’ve ever met! We had the incredible opportunity to spend two days with these children to both teach them and also learn from them. It was truly a blessing. Seeing the unexpected joy of these kids who we perceived to be “less fortunate” than us was perhaps the greatest lesson learned.

Learning to fish as they fish, selling these fish in the local market, and getting to see the rich history spread throughout the city, we had concluded our first excursion and were awaiting others that will slowly and surely change our hearts for the quiet work that God is doing all around this world – and inside of me.