7 Resources For Christians To Better Understand Ramadan

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is 30 days set aside every year for Muslims to fast from sun up to sun down. For some places in the world, this could mean over 18 hours of fasting each day. Fasting is one of the five pillars in Islam. It’s a time set aside to focus on prayer and the reading of the Qur’an in an effort to seek God.

What could happen if Christians all over the world began to see Muslims the way God sees them?  What if we all joined in asking Ramadan to be a time Muslims sought God and found His Son Jesus for the first time?

We rounded up some resources that have been created over the years to help Christians better understand Ramadan.

Here are 7 Resources To Learn More About Ramadan and Why It Matters for Christians:


1. What is Ramadan and Why Should Christians Care? 

During this time when Muslims are particularly aware of their spiritual hunger, barriers to the gospel seem to be most effectively breached when Muslims dream of Jesus or dream of a Christian who has a life-giving message to give to them. The reality is that every day, Muslims are dying without Jesus. 
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2. Frontiers Prayer Guide

Enter into the Muslim world and discover a side of missions rarely seen. Inside Ramadan will inspire you to pray for those with the least access to the Gospel. 

But it’s more than a prayer guide. It’s a story about a family living in the Middle East and pouring out their lives to share Jesus Christ with Muslims. 

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3. What Ramadan Means to Me Now That I'm a Christian

We called it “The Month of Blessing,” and I still remember the butterflies in my stomach as the days approached. Yes, we fasted during the month of Ramadan, but it was not the fasting itself that I looked forward to.
It was waking up early in the morning, before dawn, to pray and eat with my family; it was spending the day joyfully and charitably with my colleagues; it was gathering as a community after sunset to reconnect with one another and share life with each other; it was the pursuit of God’s pleasure and restored relationships with loved ones.
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4. Ramadan - An Insider's View

Living in North Africa, it’s always interesting to see how life changes during this time. Most restaurants and cafes close down completely, while other businesses such as stores and banks open late in the morning and close in the early afternoon.

People choose to sleep much later, allowing you to walk freely without much of crowd around you in the mornings. Some days this is easily welcomed, while others, it can seem almost eerie. What used to be the time for rest after the lunch hour has now become the busiest time to buy anything in the local market as everyone is shopping for the evening meal.

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5. Ramadan Among Millennials

So why do I, a Christian and Millennial, concern myself with Ramadan? Simply, because I love the people who celebrate it.

Ramadan is of the highest importance to them, so it’s important to me. I want to learn as much as possible about the holiest month of the Islamic calendar as it is a huge opportunity for the door of communication to be opened between myself and my Muslim friends and neighbors.

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6. Ramadan 101

Today, fasting is a fundamental act of worship for Muslims and is one of the five pillars of Islam—along with prayer (salat), giving to the poor (zakat), the pilgrimage to Mecca (hajj), and the confession of faith (shahada).

Fasting begins before dawn, and Muslims are forbidden to eat or drink during daylight hours. Daily routines are disrupted as people attempt to conserve energy. Some will try to sleep the day away if they can, and workplaces often see a drop in productivity.

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7. What Could Happen If Christians Care About Ramadan? 

What could happen if Christians all over the world cared about Ramadan in this way? What could happen if we consistently and fervently cried out to God on their behalf over this Ramadan season?
We know God is generous in grace and love. Let us join in asking Him to pour His love out over the hearts of Muslims in these coming days. May they truly know Ramadan as the time they sought God and found His Son Jesus for the first time.
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