4 Reasons We're Excited To Launch This Site

We exist to help people see how their life can actually change the current reality that 42% of the world’s population has never heard the story of Jesus.  We love providing practical and attainable steps for those who desire to see the story of Jesus known in even the most remote and unlikely places. This is why we completely re-designed our site.


Here are four new features we think you’ll appreciate.


1.    New Giving Option

We made it easy to empower a movement through financial giving.  You now have the option to set up your own account gaining access to update or change your information at your own convenience.  


2.    Live Chat

Are you dying to know where we got our name? Did you forget that account number you needed to make a donation? Do you have questions about our missions mentorship? We added a live chat feature to field those burning questions.  Give it a try. We can’t wait to chat with you. 


3.    Events

While live chat is a great conversation starter, we love meeting in person. We travel all over the country and now you can find out where we’ll be or tell us where you want us to come. 

See where we are headed next. 


4.    This Blog

You inevitably have found the blog if you are reading this post.  At Cafe 1040, we tell a lot of stories.  We fundamentally believe that we can leverage our stories to advance the story of Jesus throughout the world. Sharing what God is doing in a remote village of Indonesia could play a major role in all of us, as we continue to write the stories of our lives. This blog will house those stories, feature pieces of advice that we’ve discovered, and share articles that we love and think you might as well. 


We pray you will use your own story to change the world. We know you can and we’re here to help you do it.

We’re excited about the new cafe1040.com, and we know there’s more to come. But, before we get there and as we continue to develop new features and opportunities for missions mentorship, we’d love to hear from you. You can help make us better.