God is Awakening Hearts

Six years ago, the Lord moved me and my husband to North Africa to join Cafe 1040's work mobilizing this next generation to go and tell the story of Jesus where it’s never been told before. In those six years, we have been honored to be a part of the lives of 85 students.

These students come to us for 3 months of experiential learning. It is so wonderful to witness the growth that they see in themselves. Their confidence is boosted as they live without modern conveniences, shop in outdoor markets, buy chicken on the claw, learn how to navigate multiple modes of transportation, and interact daily with local North African Muslims as they learn Arabic phrases.

They also go on multiple excursions to meet unreached people groups (those that have no access to the story of Jesus), live temporarily in the homes of Muslims to see what their daily lives are like, participate in language and history classes taught by locals, and have numerous opportunities to make local friends.

They also learn how to story through the Bible with the purpose of evangelism which gives them conversation points to use with local friends.

This is an incredible ministry. Where else can a student replace the statistics of the 1040 window with the name and face of a local friend? This experience builds confidence and clarity about the future that God has already planned for them. They truly learn to rely on their Father in a more intimate way.

We are incredibly blessed to be a part of the lives of these 85 students and look forward to leading more students in the coming years. We are excited to see them boldly walk forward into a life of serving God overseas.

We and everyone at Cafe 1040 couldn't do this work without the prayers and financial support of so many people. We are thankful for all who help to make this program possible.

by North African Team Mentor