what would it take for you to cross?

We know there may be other steps to closing this gap. We know there are people who can make the leap in one jump. We know there are people who need a few steps to confidently cross.

We are committed to listening, engaging, and innovating so we can best mobilize the church to cross this gap.

Think About It.

What would it take for you to confidently move to Saudi Arabia as a missionary? What about Northern Iraq? What do you need to discern God’s call? How many steps do you need to confidently and faithfully walk in obedience?

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Why Does It Matter?

Why does it even matter? Why are we spending millions of dollars to bridge this gap? Why not just stay on this side of the mountain? There are plenty of opportunities here.

There are 3.1 billion people on the other side who have little to no access to the story of Jesus. That is 42% of the world’s population. That’s a statistic we’ve given our lives to change. We won’t stop here. We will continue building, creating, innovating and working until all have heard.

We are committed to empowering the emerging generation of missionaries to tell the story of Jesus where it has never been told. Join us.