Knowing the reality of the world is just the first step. How do our lives work toward a solution for this problem?

Those living among unreached people groups have no one to tell them the story of Jesus in their own language. There are no Christians that speak their language, no Scriptures they would understand, and no believers to answer their questions.

For the gospel to be established among these unreached people groups, it will require a missionary worker from another culture to be sent to this people group, live among the people, learn their language and culture, and then communicate the story of Jesus in a way they can understand. This is central to the task of a missionary.

Thankfully, the resources are plenty. There are 95,000 evangelical Christians and 1,000 churches for every unreached people group. We have what it takes to reach the remaining unreached people groups.


At Cafe 1040, we believe the emerging generation of missionaries is being raised up to see this reality changed in their lifetime. Today’s generation of Christians are unlike any before. Not only do they have the passion, hunger, and desire to live lives that matter for eternally significant things, they have the technology and connectivity in a way that the world has never seen.

This generation has the ability to tell the story of Jesus where it has never been told, but they need help getting there.

This is why Cafe 1040 exists.

At Cafe 1040, we want to help this next generation explore a calling to unreached people groups, address their fears and overcome their obstacles, grow in confidence, and gain clarity around their calling to missions.