The problem is clear and the solution is obvious. But there’s one problem:

We can’t do this without you.

Every believer has a role in the Great Commission. As we work to raise us a generation of missionaries, we need and generation of senders to fund the work.

Your donations are what make this possible. By supporting Cafe 1040, you help train and equip this next generation of missionaries - the very ones who will tell the story of Jesus to those who have never heard.


Your gift allows us to recruit and mobilize young adults toward long-term missions.

Your gift enables us to operate our program in closed-access countries, some of the most restricted places in the world.

Your gift enables us to establish a training program overseas, where we can send these young adults to be mentored by long-term missionaries.

Your gift allows us to mentor young adults with the clarity and confidence needed for potential long-term missions placement among unreached people groups.

Your gifts allow us to train up and prepare the next generation of missionaries.

Every dollar you give goes directly to helping us do this.