South Asia Prayer


Last year’s UNTOLD 2015 Campaign was centered around launching Cafe 1040’s third base inside the 10/40 Window. In 2016, with your help, we’ll open a base in South Asia. Join us each month as we pray for the people we’re yet to meet, our base town as it gets established, and our team as they begin life in their new homes.




Praise to Him for the favor this team continues to enjoy! After an unexpected (but required) trip to the U.S. to apply for the baby’s Visa, our organization learned that their Visas were approved for 10 years. This was a huge win for their family and for our organization as we move into full-time work in this area. Pray for the team leaders as they return to basetown and get ready for the students to arrive July 1. Continue to pray for peace and unity within the team as they prepare and for the Spirit to guide them in the information they teach and the excursions they lead. Pray for the Lord to bring our staff more local relationships.





Pray that the team would grasp the language-learning process as they dive in full time to language tutoring and classes. Continue to pray for the Lord to lead them to more local relationships and strengthen those they have already begun to make. Pray that the team will continue to find favor as they begin the process of finding affordable student housing for the summer semester and as they finalize all the program details. Pray also for the team’s continued health as their bodies and immune systems adapt to their new environment.

Praise God for His provision for an easy delivery and the arrival of our team leaders’ baby boy in May. After a very difficult delivery of their first child, this birth was much quicker and smoother.
As they recovered from this, the team continued to prepare for the arrival of students and beginning of our pilot one-month program at this base. They spent much time preparing an abbreviated version of our semester program, focusing heavily on the mentoring process to maximize the impact of the time with our students. They also finalized student housing and made preparations for excursions.



Our Executive Director, Chuck, will visit our team in South Asia. Pray for his trip and his family while he is gone. Pray for the team’s adjustment to their new home country and city. Pray for favor as the last team members find and set up their new home. Praise God for the favor they are already receiving as contacts are being made and relationships are being developed. Pray for the birth and delivery of the team leader’s second child at the end of this month.

Praise God that our Team Leaders have a new baby boy! After a very difficult delivery with their first child, they had a fast, easy delivery and Mom, Dad, big brother and baby are doing well! Praise also for the favor they have already seen in the relationships and industry partnerships they are forming in the area.



This month, the rest of the team will arrive. Pray for blessings on their families as they depart from them and a peaceful welcoming, and favor as they enter homestays with local families. Pray that our team leaders will feel comfortable with the doctors they have chosen for the delivery of their second child in April and that the remainder of the pregnancy will be easy. Pray that they would all find trusted local relationships and language tutors.

This month, our final two team members arrived. Pray for blessings on their families as they are away, a peaceful welcoming, and favor as they enter a homestay with a local family.



As our team leaders are becoming established in our new base town, pray for continued favor in every endeavor. Pray that they will continue to find the things they need to make their new home fully functional and that they will prepare for their teammates’ arrival. Praise God that one teammate is above full funding and two others are so close. Pray that the process will be complete before their departure from the states.



Pray for our South Asia Team Leaders and their son as they depart for South Asia. Pray that they would have favor upon landing, that they travel goes smoothly, and they find favor and blessing with the local family they will live with for two weeks. Pray for favor in finding an apartment quickly and in the location that the Lord wants. Pray for the rest of the South Asia Team that they would reach full funding financially and make their final preparations to join their Team Leaders in South Asia.