Overcoming Obstacles to Sharing His Story

Our students come to us with various obstacles that they believe are roadblocks to their futures as missionaries in the 10/40 Window. Our program effectively equips them to face many of those challenges. Pushing young adults outside of their comfort zone in a culture that is completely foreign can have amazing results.

This past fall, a student in South Asia confessed his doubt about serving long-term because he lacked confidence in sharing the gospel.

He struggled with anxiety and always erred on the side of caution. But his mentor noticed that despite those struggles, he made more natural connections with locals than anyone else in the group. His mentor challenged him to face his fear and share the gospel by the end of the week.

Later that week, the team visited a city that people traveled to from all over to be healed by magic. They stayed with their tour guide, a man from one of the largest unreached people groups in the region.

One evening this student was up late talking to the tour guide and courageously shared his personal testimony with the man.

Amazingly, this man had been dreaming of Jesus ever since a near-death experience years ago. He had many questions but had never met someone he could talk to about them. This connection between our student and this tour guide was an answered prayer.

The tour guide has now been connected with a few other men from his people group as part of a local Bible study. The challenge from our mentor was just what the student needed to trust God. Our student is now confidently in the process of working with a sending agency to serve God long term in the 10/40 Window.

Cafe 1040 has shown me that I can work overseas and that I want to work overseas. The need is huge. Someone has to go, so I am ready.
— Southeast Asia Student, Summer 2016