Our Featured OPEN Positions


Your role will include walking alongside our users and facilitating their relationship with the technology. From picking out a shiny new computer to counseling their issues over time, you will act as the technical guru who others seek out for their large and small problems.  You will lead our company by creating and facilitating ongoing technology training. 



Do you love to disciple young adults? Your primary job is to mentor students stateside before and after they go through our 3-month overseas program. Your job is to develop, encourage, and teach these students as they explore their role within the Great Commission.  You will help the participants identify and overcome obstacles, coach them through support raising, and provide knowledge that will ready them for our overseas program.


This position is ideal for a person who is interested in hands-on development in organizational leadership and administration. The role requires travel to remote places in the world with the Executive Director, skills in balancing the priorities and task-work at the executive level, maintaining discretion and professionalism with high-level contacts and sensitive information, and the ability to learn and perform in new ways as the organization requires.

OPEN Positions