How to give stock gifts to cafe 1040

Read this short story from our founder on how giving stock can help you and Cafe 1040 at the same time.

  1. What you can give:

    1. Any stock with a stock symbol

    2. Any ETF with a stock symbol

    3. Any shares of a mutual fund with a stock symbol (whole shares only)

  2. Brokerage type:

    1. If you have a full-service broker, notify them of your intent to transfer stock to Cafe 1040, indicating the stock and the number of shares you would like to give.

    2. If you have a self-service brokerage other than TD Ameritrade, locate the form used for transferring stock, often entitled “Transfer Out” form.  Call your brokerage’s customer service if needed, as requirements vary from one brokerage to another.

    3. If you have a TD Ameritrade self-service account:

      1. Click here to download the Internal Transfer Form.  First complete the form and sign it.

      2. "Once filled out you can send it to TD Ameritrade either through email at, fax: 866-226-4617, or regular mail to: TD Ameritrade Institutional P.O. Box 650567 Dallas TX 75265. 

      3. If you need any assistance on filling out the form you can contact your advisor, or call or email us - our information is below.

  3. Instructions for the Broker or for Completing the Form Yourself:

    1. Do not sell the stock.  This is a gift transfer to a charity.

    2. Fax number for TD Ameritrade:  1-866-438-6268

    3. DTC#:  0188

    4. Cafe 1040’s TD Ameritrade Account Number:  494071132

    5. Cafe 1040’s Tax Exempt ID Number:  58-2619416

    6. Cafe 1040 Contact:  (678) 745-3662 ext. 510 or  

    7. Fax the completed form to TD Ameritrade 1-866-438-6268

    8. If you have any additional questions, you may call us, or TD Ameritrade customer service:  1-800-669-3900

  4. Notify Cafe 1040

    1. Please inform us of the gift so we can properly receipt your donation.  

      1. Please email the date of the transfer, the stock symbol and the number of shares.  

      2. Please include your best contact number as well as your mailing address.

    2. Your gift will be to the general ministry unless you wish to designate your gift.  If you desire a designation, please also include an account number in your email.

  5. What Happens Next?

    1. We will ensure your stock gift gets to Cafe 1040’s brokerage account.

    2. Cafe 1040 will send you a receipt for your gift from unless you specifically request to receive your receipt via US Postal Service.

A final word: This is a common request for brokers and brokerages, especially near the end of the calendar year.  We understand that this may seem complicated, especially if you have never done this before. We are very happy to assist you in any way we can.  Please do not hesitate to connect with us if needed. The tax benefits for you and the benefit of your generosity to Cafe 1040 is immense.