We all have a role to play in seeing disciple made among every people group. The vision of the Mobilization Development Program is to train Cafe 1040 graduates to help others take steps to engage with unreached people groups. 


 Questions & Answers


Why an internship focused on development?

The vision of the Mobilization Development Program is to train graduates to help individuals take their next best step towards engagement with Unreached People Groups. This program is designed to continue developing our graduates in the field of missions, while also growing our overseas program. It maintains the same mission and vision of Cafe 1040.

Who can participate?

The program is open to graduates of our overseas program who are able to commit to 20 hours per week for 9 months (August-May). They must complete an application and interview process, provide references, and raise support.

Where is the MDP Program located?

The MDP participant will be a remote worker in his or her own geographical location. They must be willing and able to commit to completing their tasks without constant monitoring and management. They must have access to wifi and if they don’t have the necessary technology, it will be provided for them.

When does the MDP program run?

The application will open by the first week of April and will close by May 15. Decisions will be made by June 1. Participants will complete support raising throughout the summer and will have weekly accountability meetings during that time. Training will be scheduled for the last 2 weeks of August and they will begin working/volunteering the beginning of September. The program will be completed mid-May.

What is the Mobilization Development Program?

The Mobilization Development Program (MDP) is a 9-month internship open to graduates of our overseas program. The focus is to further develop our graduates as mobilizers, regardless of their future plans in missions. It runs concurrent with the school year (August-May). They will be trained and utilized as mobilizers within their own personal networks, while also receiving valuable development training. It is more than just an internship, it is a true development program.

Is the MDP paid or unpaid?

The program has two options that the participant can choose from. The first is an unpaid internship. It is a volunteer position with a bi-weekly stipend. The second is a paid internship option. Both require support raising of varying degrees.

How does the MDP program work?

The MDP participants will receive the same training career mobilizers receive. At least 50% of their time will be spent implementing a personal mobilization plan that they develop with their coach. No more than 40% of their time will be spent assisting their coach and/or the US Team with various projects. At least 10% of their time will be focused on personal development (spiritual development, continued personal mobilization, professional development, continued education on God’s heart for the nations, etc)