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Through our partnership with an accredited university, Cafe 1040 offers the opportunity to gain up to 12 undergraduate credit hours for your overseas semester. We know you may have some questions about this opportunity, so we've put together a FAQ below to give you all the details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the course curriculum include?

Course curriculum includes Introduction to Christian Missions, Introduction to Cross-Cultural Living, Global Studies Practicum, and Intercultural Communication and Engagement. For full course descriptions, email

Is our program accredited?

No, our program is technically not “accredited.” Only educational institutions can become accredited. We have a partnership with an accredited university to offer course credit for our program.

Is Cafe 1040 issuing college credit for the overseas program?

No, we are not an educational institution and therefore, Cafe 1040 cannot issue college credit. We offer the option to apply for college credit through our partnership with Point University.

Who is our partnership with?

Our school of record for college credit is with Point University. They are based out of West Point, GA, with campuses in Atlanta, Peachtree City, Savannah, McDonough, and Birmingham, AL. Point was founded in 1937 as Atlanta Christian College and has a strong history of educating ministers and overseas workers. In 1965, the college became an accredited member of the American Association of Bible Colleges (AABC). In 1990, in conjunction with a broadening of the curriculum, the college was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award the associate and baccalaureate degrees. For more information, please visit

How do students receive college credit for our program?

If our students decide to take advantage of this benefit, they would apply as a transient student with Point University for the semester they will be overseas with us. Upon successful completion of our program, the credits from Point University would then transfer to their home institution.

Will credits only transfer to other Christian schools?

The courses have been designed to transfer to both Christian and secular schools. We are also an approved internship for Global Studies Majors at Liberty University. However, the transferability of the credits is something the student needs to discuss with their advisor BEFORE enrolling as a transient student of Point University. We cannot guarantee that any or all of the credits will transfer to their home institution, nor can we guarantee that if they do transfer, they will count towards the students major.

How many credits will the student receive?

Students can enroll in up to 12 undergraduate credits, which is specifically four 3-hour courses designed around our program.

Are students considered full-time students while overseas with us?

Depending on the educational instution, students may be required to maintain their full-time student status throughout college. Typically, 12 hours in a semester is considered full-time, though students should confirm with whomever is requiring it the full-time student status.

Do students have to pay tuition to receive credit?

Yes, students will pay tuition to Point University for the credit hours the they desire to receive. They are currently offering a discounted tuition rate for our courses. Tuition will be due upon enrollment enrollement.”

Can students raise support for tuition?

No, not through Cafe 1040. The tuition will be handled directly between the student and Point University. Cafe 1040 will not be involved in the collection of funds for tuition, whether from donors or students.

Can students use financial aid for or scholarships?

Possibly, but students would need to work that out directly with their financial aid office or scholarship provider.

Does it matter what the student's major is?

Students would need to bring the course description and syllabi to their academic advisor at their home institution to determine if and where the credits would transfer. Syllabi will be given to students after successfully completing the applicant process with Cafe 1040.

Can students enroll in the courses without going through thr formal application process with Cafe 1040?

It is clearly stated in the course description that enrollment in the university courses does not equate to acceptance into our overseas program. They will still be required to go through our full application process.

Can students enroll in only some of the courses?

Yes they can. If, for whatever reason, a student decides they only want 3 or fewer of the courses offered, they may choose to only enroll in and pay tuition for the ones that they need.

Will students receive a grade for the courses or are they pass/fail?

All courses will receive a letter grade based on the evaluation and grading outlined in the course syllabi.

Do we issue refunds for tuition payments?

All tuition is handled by Point University. Tuition cannot be refunded unless the class is dropped during a designated drop/add period. It is important for every student to discuss the transferability of credits with their academic advisor and/or registrar’s office BEFORE enrolling in the courses.

Can credit be done in arrears for graduates of our program who are still in school?

No, not through Point University. However, a graduate of our program can use the syllabi to make a case to an advisor and/or professor at their home institution in an effort to seek independent study credit through them. Cafe 1040 makes no guarantee that this will be accepted.