Q&A with Cafe 1040 Students

Are you curious about what an overseas missions mentorship is like? We could explain the different features of what you will experience but there’s really no better way to learn than from the students themselves.

Q: As you have gone through the program, can you recall the moment where you began to shift from the mindset of being unsure about long-term missions to where you are now with more clarity and understanding?

- It wasn’t one specific moment. It was more of a slow realization as I saw the need and realized I had the skills needed to help with the need. I realized I could do this, I could excel, and I could like it. I also realized that my experience wouldn’t be exactly like Paul, with a spotlight shining down on me giving me very specific directions. It is more that I see a need, respond to it, and have been able to see that I can do this.

- I knew missions was something I wanted to do, even choosing a degree that would help me, but I felt like I was incapable of doing this. I had a few small disasters along the way during a few excursions, but I figured it out (what to do) despite the mistakes. Over time I built confidence in my ability to do this. Now I feel like I can.

 Q. If you have been on other mission trips, how would you compare them to Cafe 1040?

- The length of time is huge. This program shows you how to function long-term so you can see what it is really like to live there.

- It’s the design of the program. Everything is intentional and the program builds on itself throughout the semester.

Q. What made you decide to do Cafe 1040’s program?

- It was the persistence of my mobilization person in reaching out to me to follow-up after our initial conversation. I wasn’t really interested at first, but after she checked in with me, I thought this was something I could do.

- I was able to see how my interests really aligned with the program.

- I knew I had to go after I heard about the need among unreached at a conference I attended.

Q. Any advice for students who are thinking about doing it but are unsure?

- The cost seems high but the reward is greater. Just do it.

- Don’t wait until after your school is done to do something like this, because doing this may change your direction in school. This doesn’t just change your future, it changes you right now. If you do this during school you may be able to make different decisions in school to better equip you. Don’t be afraid to take a year off if you need to. You don’t have to have your life (and degree) all plotted out. After doing the program, I have an even greater desire to succeed in school to prepare myself.

- This helps you build relationships with local friends and build relationships with people. After this program, we can go anywhere and make friends with anyone. This helps you put a face on statistics and helps you to see how much more there is to do.